22 febbraio, 2017

GeCCo 2016: "Insiders' Perspectives"

Marta Bindi: Team Antarctic Wanderers - First Classified 
I decided to take part to GeCCo to challenge myself. It was my first experience in an on-line global challenge, and I didn’t know what to expect. My competences in project management where basic at that time, I only had one course at Politecnico. I thought It would have been a smart way to improve my skills in project management in a quick and more fun way.

Valerio Muzzacchi: Team Stay Tuned - Second Classified 
I have really enjoyed gecco competition because this experience has given me the opportunity to face an international challange and most of all meet amazing people.

Tommaso Spano: Team Sterna - Third Classified 
My personal experience in Gecco was exciting and extremely useful. I learnt to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I learnt to measure myself with the tasks assigned becoming more and more aware of my value and my limitations. The members of my team were really wonderful people and cooperative and they gave importance at every step of the competition. But the most peculiar aspect was to participate in an international experience just sitting in my room with the same productivity (or more) of a “live” meeting. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone!

Giovanni Romano: Team Moon Bunnies - Third Classified
The Gecco expirence was really intense. How I can explain in few words? The space in the world seemed reduced. From my room I constantly had access to a lot of informations and I could see my mates through the screen of the pc. I didn't know all of them but we had the same purpose... We wanted to give our best effort in order to show our capabilities. A chance to prove to the world that we are able to face each difficulties and to solve it an appropriate way.
Francesca Brusa: Local Organizer
The 5th edition of Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo 2016), held the last 12-13 November, has been a fantastic opportunity for all young professionals or student (18 - 35 years old) operating or passionate of project management an also for me being the National Local Organizer-Italy.
In my opinion, the 3 three key aspects of this international competition organized by IPMA Young Crew have been: cross-cultural, collaboration and fun.
In fact, GeCCo participants, in order to solve a project management case study within 24 hours, cooperated across different time zones as the team members come from different countries. Participants got the opportunity to excel at their intercultural communication skills as they have team members from any of the countries participating in GeCCo; moreover, all stages of competition were done by using modern e-communication means.
As Local Organizer for IPMA YC Italy I had to cover various functions: looking for participants, explained what GeCCo was about, motivate participants to register, staying in contact with the participants for any issues regarding their participation before, during and after the competition. I had also to communicate with Local Organizers’ managers, send them feedbacks, data, documents, participate in meetings and be available on the Live Event.
As Local Organizer, has been a great pleasure to support all Italian participants during their challenge being a very exciting experience, at first for the relational aspect with all of them and with managers of the core team. I have had an occasion to prove myself as project manager too organizing promotional activities, preparation and collection of all application form respecting the deadline, meeting attendance and so on.
I was very happy to see all participants determined to do their best, collaborate with their teams with passion and the desire to win the competition.
I consider it as a very useful and stimulating event, to which I suggest to participate to all young project managers; for this reason, I hope that IPMA YC Italy will receive may subscriptions for the next GeCCo Edition.

Thank you Marta, Valerio, Tommaso and Giovanni, you all did a great job! We wait for your applications in the next competitions promoted by IPMA Young Crew Italy.

Thank you Francesca, as local organizer you brought our best talents on an international competition. You demonstrated great abilities and enthusiasm and the International IPMA Young Crew team recognised it.


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